Current Initiatives

Ethics & Legacy: The IHJR “Ethics & Legacy” project explores institutional responses to complex legacies related to historic injustices, benefaction from colonialism or slavery, and other sources considered controversial by today’s ethical standards. The work focuses on case studies pertaining to univeristies, foundations, public monuments and other artefacts, but also touches on broader implications for the public and private sectors as presented by the IHJR director in The New Yorker (…)

Dealing with the Past: Building on its Social Cohesion project, and drawing on its in situ experience working with historians in conflict regions, the IHJR is cooperating with EUROCLIO’s initiative, “Dealing with the Past in History Education.” The initiative is designed to promote responsible history education on a cross-border level build and to provide access to and promote the use of a knowledge base consisting of teaching resources. The IHJR and EUROCLIO are convening a one-day workshop on July 15, 2017, in Rotterdam.

Collective Memory: The Department of International Relations at the University of Leiden offers a masters-level course on disputed historical legacies, “Collective Memory: A Shared Historical Narrative in Reconciliation?” The course was initially developed in cooperation with the IHJR for Leiden’s spring semester in 2015 and  addresses numerous issues central to the IHJR mission.


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