Over a period of three years, a group of global experts – convened by the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR), the International Bar Association (IBA), and the Salzburg Global Seminar – has been preparing a volume of eight in-depth case studies on contested legacies in public spaces. The analysis addresses the social, political and legal dynamics in facilitating or complicating the resolution of disputes over contested historical legacies in municipal areas. Read more here.

In the global world of today and in the context of international migrations, many French politicians are calling for the need to rebuild the French historical and chronological narrative- reinforced by textbooks, museums, commemorations, heroes, etc. – in order to help maintain a united “Republic.” In addition, President Emmanuel Macron is trying to have a larger European perspective by focusing on “European sovereignty” and Europe’s common past, such as “l’Europe des lumières.” (European enlightenment). Read more here.